Shelagh Brennand will be presenting to us next Tuesday on Being a Stroke Safe Ambassador.
She will bring the latest news on Stroke Prevention and Life after a Stroke.  New funding is providing much research into this area.

Projects funded include expanding the use of a smartphone app to improve communication between ambulance and hospital staff, and research into sexuality after stroke.  Other funded projects include utilising telehealth to deliver memory rehabilitation for stroke survivors and a study looking at how much exercise is needed to improve fitness in stroke survivors.
Formerly a UK Police Officer for 25 years, Shelagh retired in 2008 and moved with her family to Australia.  She worked as a Private Investigator until she suffered a stroke in April 2013.  A Stroke of Poetry, self published in October 2015, is a collection of Shelagh poems, written during her stroke recovery, and chronicles the frustrations, the sadness and the amusing times that are part of the climb back from stroke.  They may make you smile, they may make you sad but hopefully they will make you believe that anything is possible if you keep a positive mindset.

This book has been recognised by the Stroke Foundation.  It has helped not only stroke survivors regain their purpose once again in life, but many others struck by trauma and brain injury.