Swimming Lesson Subsidy for Young Children

Vouchers available
Vouchers for the scheme can only be issued by schools and organisations who have been supplied with an allocation from JWSS.
If in doubt as to eligibility ask your school or kindergarten to contact JWSS as places become available as an individual child reaches the required level. The scheme is a step up to helping a child on the road to swimming efficiency but is not a guarantee that after a designated number of lessons a child has gained the required swimming skills. On going lessons are always recommended.
The scheme is tailored for each child and generally covers up to seven (7) years of age, but older children can be accommodated if space permits.

Do you want to help?

We welcome any donations that you as an individual are willing to make towards these Learn to Swim 'scholarships'.  Your donation will help us to help more children learn this vital skill.  Donate here
If your swim school would like to join with us by part-sponsoring our 'swim scholarships' to extend the scheme, then please contact us.